3 Reasons to Keep in Contact with Previous Employers

This weekend I had the privilege of returning to my previous summer internship employer, the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT, to help with their 15th Anniversary Celebration, for a fun-filled weekend doing exactly what I love: Entertainment PR.

Here are a three things I learned about the importance of staying in contact with your previous PR internship employers:

  1. New Opportunities. Staying in touch with a previous employer means the chance to possibly intern their again or have a job when you graduate. Because I kept in touch with my employers, they knew that I was still interested in helping and I reminded them of how eager I was to be apart of their team. Being persistent is very beneficial to all students who have been in an internship, and for those who are looking for an internship. There are always opportunities to do more for your company, even when you’re not physically there. Essentially, this proves to your employer how serious you take your work, and how seriously you should be taken.  For example, after I heard earlier in the summer that Mohegan Sun was going to have a huge celebration to mark their 15th Anniversary, I knew this was an event I wanted to help them with.  By staying in touch, I had the opportunity to go back home and help out with this event, even though my internship ended in August.
  2. Recommendations and Networking. When applying to future jobs, some companies may ask for recommendations from your previous employers. The best recommendation that a student can get is from someone who has already worked with him/her in the PR field and can see what they are capable of. Because of my persistence, my employers know that I am very dedicated and interested in this field of work. By returning to Mohegan Sun this weekend, I also had the chance to meet different PR teams from both New York and Los Angeles who were in attendance for the 15th Anniversary Celebration. I was able to talk with these other PR firms about what they do, how they got there, and also to network with specific individuals who are interested in helping me succeed in the PR field.
  3. They May Become Your Mentors. Keeping in contact with your previous employers is both beneficial for your professional life as well as your personal life. Professionally, your employers are your  business connections. Personally, you employers can become your mentors. Most likely, your employers were once in the same boat you are now. This is why they are so willing to guide you with your future decisions and to help you learn as much as possible. This weekend, I learned so much more about the importance of social media in public relations because one of my coworkers took the time to sit down and show me how many people were tweeting about the event, or how many people liked their Facebook page, and how many amazing videos were shot for the YouTube channel about all the events.  If you develope a relationship on respect and trust, your employers will be your biggest and best guides to your future in public relations.

Remember that even though your internship ended, that doesn’t mean your relationships with your coworkers should too.  Stay in touch and the above benefits are sure to follow.

Do you have any stories like mine that emphasize the importance of continuing the employee-employer contact?

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