What Does Business Casual Mean?

It is clear to all students that when asked to dress for an internship or an internship interview,  it usually means putting on your best suit.

But what about business casual?  The term business casual gets thrown around a lot to describe the dress code of PR agencies and firms.

So, if you’re going to be working at a PR agency or interviewing at one that’s very business casual in dress culture, what should you wear?


For men try to keep the professional look of the suit in mind.  Dress slacks or suit pants with an alternate button down or jacket is still great for business casual.  This also means every shirt should still have a collar, and dress shoes or professional shoes should be worn everyday.


Women who dress in business casual should keep in mind the hem length and the fit of clothes.  Although dresses are allowed, they should not be too low cut or hemmed to high.  Women should also avoid capri pants and sun dresses, these are not professional looks.  In addition, keep in mind that footwear should still be professional and work environments may limit shoe options such as not allowing sandals for safety.

Gender Neutral

In general for both men and women some items should not change from business professional to casual.  If one wears a watch it should still be of high quality whether wearing business professional or business casual.  Shoes should also remain of high quality.  And lastly, on days when jeans are allowed, they should be in darker colors these look more professional.

Keep these tips in mind when dressing for the job and one is sure to master business professional and business casual looks.


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