Maximize Your Potential as a PR Student

As future professionals in the Public Relations industry, it is important to be aware of issues related to the field; but how many students really extend their awareness beyond what is necessary?

Take a look at some ways that you as a pre-professional (or current professional) can broaden your individual horizons and increase your marketability as a future employee in the PR field.

  1. As a student, explore clubs, organizations, and events that you typically overlook. For example, BU has an organization called the Council for Global Citizenship, which is basically a panel of students from all majors who want to see positive social change. Going to events and joining organizations provides growth professionally, but also offers great networking opportunities. You never know who you come across!
  2. Discover academic journals which are related to your Public Relations concentration or minor. Many students at BU minor in various subjects, and BU has an extensive database that is quite helpful in understanding more about a particular field. Utilize the library now while you have the chance, because when you graduate you won’t have the same access to the databases and their information. If you are unsure of how to search for journals or magazines, ask a faculty member in that field who already knows which media organizations to follow.
  3. Don’t just be a member of Boston University’s PRSSA chapter. The general PRSSA website has tons of resources that are relevant to both pre-professionals and current professionals in the Public Relations field. Use their website to find more information about their national conferences, their national assembly, and webinars which can help you advance in the field.
  4. Make sure you don’t miss important events such as PR Advanced. PRAdvanced is an annual conference held for PR students where you learn how to hone your skills and become a better PR practitioner. Events like these are extremely valuable to any pre-professional in ANY field.

While you are in the midst of exploring new fields, directions, and career goals, use these tips to assist you. If you still are feeling a little lost, ask a faculty member what you should do next. As PRSSA members, all PR students need to make sure they are making themselves the most knowledgable students in both their field and their interests.

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