What Every PR Student Should Have in their Interview Brief Case

Your palms might be sweaty, your heart might be pounding, and this might even be the fourth interview you have done, but no matter what, you have to keep a brave face: you are studying PR, this is what you are meant to do. The best way to feel as confident as possible on your next job interview? Be prepared.

So, you are dressed professionally and you are ready to go. You double check your briefcase for the following articles:

  • A copy of the job description: You look it over to make sure you understand what the employer is looking for so you know what to highlight about yourself: if the job is about Music PR, you might bring up the last concert you covered for a specific blog, for example. You also review the name of your employer, so when you shake their hand, you can address them accordingly.
  • Two copies of your resume and cover letter: This is especially important if you are applying to an agency that recently opened.  You never know if the employer may have lost your resume in an ocean of hundreds of papers, and having these copies would help you appear prepared and dedicated to this job, even prior to hiring.
  • Personal Legal Documents: This may not apply to all employers, but be sure to pay attention to any material the employer may have asked you to bring, This may include documents such as a birth certificate or form of valid ID. All these documents may be listed in the job description, so close attention to these details should be duly paid.
  • A complete portfolio of your work thus far: blog posts, published articles, newspaper clippings, newsletters, even DVDs of any broadcasts you participated in, should all be included in this binder. Make sure it gives your boss an accurate description of your experience.
  • A notepad and pen: You want to take notes of anything the employer might ask of you, and you probably want to arrive with questions of your own, about the position, the schedule, workplace, and expectations.

Finally: just remember to bring your confidence, and a few key points that make you a great candidate for this position. These documents and articles will ensure that you look like a polished, serious PR major that is prepared to apply and hopefully accept this position at any firm or agency. With all of these items in your bag, a firm handshake, and a smile on your face, you’re bound to get the job.

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