Surviving Freshmen Year: 3 Tips to Help You Fly In COM

Although now a sophomore in Boston University’s College of Communications (aka COM: the College of Outstanding Minds), I reflected on my freshmen year and am reminded of nothing but great memories.

Here are a few tips that I wanted to share about surviving a hectic first year in COM and how to pass with flying colors.

  1. Take Advantage of Everything COM Offers: Walking into COM, you know that the atmosphere is friendly, upbeat, and utterly cool. COM is highly respected for its COM Career Services and COM Student Services offices located in the right area of the building. One tip for all COM students is to take advantage of everything these offices offer you. These two offices offer resume and cover letter help, guidance on finding jobs, and information about internships that are best for you. Also, COM has patient academic advisors who cater to you and do everything they can to assist you with grades, classes, and internship inquiries. COM offers one-on-one help to their students, but they also host weekly informational meetings on social media sites, like LinkedIn and BU Career Link, as well as information on internships they offer. It is never too early to plan out your future in COM. I went to many of these meetings and had an advantage over my fellow peers who did not, as well as those who did not meet with advisors and mentors.
  2. Involve Yourself in COM Life: Aside from utilizing all of the meetings and resources COM offers, another crucial tip on freshmen year survival, is to get involved in the clubs and groups COM offers. As a PR student, its beneficial to join the Public Relations Student Society of America. PRSSA has their own chapter at Boston University. In this club, you have the opportunity to hear fascinating guest speakers, interviews, and stories from both experienced professionals and young alumni. This will give you an advantage over your peers who are not associated with PRSSA because they will have little knowledge about the “real world” of PR. Also, inside the PRSSA organization are others subgroups, such as PR Unleashed and PR Advanced that offer hands on, student and professional interaction. This year, PRSSA is offering an event planning club and a social media club. I’m currently involved with the social media club and am learning new social media techniques, like blogging, which is something I would have never learned if I did not get involved!
  3. Appreciate Your Freshmen Classes: As a freshmen, you will be required to take both COM101 and COM201. COM101 provides all of the background information needed to understand the world of communication and help you decide which area you would like to focus in. In the discussion sections, I recommend creating a strong relationship with the teaching assistant because he/she will be very helpful to you down the line. They are the professionals that are there to guide you to success. COM201 is next on the agenda. This class was one of my favorites thus far because it encompasses an assignment from each area of communications where you could potentially work. I enjoyed the fact that I could write a memoir like a journalist, write a film review like a film major, and create a PR campaign, as every PR professional will do in their career. COM caters to you, so do your best to give back to them, and appreciate everything COM.
As a student in COM, those who tend to exceed the most are the ones who get involved the most.  Although we’re already about to enter November, remember that it’s still not too late to get involved.  Student organizations love when you show eagerness to participate, even if it comes at the end of the school year!
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