Why All PR Students Should Consider B2B

Business-to-Business PR is one of the largest realms of PR- yet one of the most overlooked types of PR in the academic setting. Public Relations students are taught about all given types of Public Relations, however it seems Gen Y’s sole preoccupancy is social media in relation to PR.

While Social Media and Consumer PR is a profitable realm of PR to pursue, Business-to-Business PR, or B2B, is highly overlooked amongst many college graduates as they enter the work force. However, should students completely by-pass B2B to look for a job in the more glamourous area of Consumer PR?

Managing partner and co-founder of March Communications’ Cheryl Gale, spoke with Boston University’s PRSSA about the benefits of working in B2B PR. She told students that, “B2B PR is a realm of PR that many students bypass, yet is one of the best realms of the industry to enter.” While consumer PR  may seem glamorous, in our current economic state, B2B PR is one of the best areas to pursue. The skill sets you learn in B2B PR – such as business and media interactions-are tools that can be utilized in all other realms of public relations.

So why is B2B PR overlooked by many graduating college students? Social media has enabled students to engage in PR before they enter the workforce. Students are able to engage in consumer interaction by promoting brands and trends via their social media outlets. The plutonic relationship that many PR students develop with their Twitter and Facebook accounts are difficult to part with once graduating. This social media love affair has caused many students to bypass B2B PR as they look for work.

Business-to-Business public relations gives students the opportunity to interact with Corporate Business’ and Media outlets, while bypassing negative consumers. The skills taught in B2B PR are PR skills that can be brought with you to every aspect of the Business PR World.

Meredith Eaton, Senior Account Executive at March Communications told BU PR students that, “ once you can speak Tech PR jargon, you can do any type of PR. “ Corporations will always need PR professionals to represent their brand.  Technology and social media will always change, however interaction between business’, and business interaction with media will never fade.

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