Nicole Kanner, founder of All Heart, discusses Fashion PR in Boston

I had the chance to interview Nicole Kanner, who started her own public relations agency in Boston called All Heart PR. Although Nicole’s firm works with a variety of brands, we discussed fashion PR and one of her clients, Boston Fashion Week.

Because Boston is often compared to New York, many people don’t realize that “the Hub” has a fashion scene as well.  As Nicole explained, “Boston is just not NYC and why should it be? There are wonderful local fashion designers and enthusiasts that are proud to be involved in Boston fashion.”  Although we attend college in Boston, it doesn’t mean we can’t try and gain experience in fashion PR while we’re here.

Breaking into Fashion PR in Boston Means Networking

According to Nicole, “There are tons of ways to break into the industry here; the School of Fashion Design on Newbury hosts various networking events, Boston Fashion Week holds events outside of the actual week, the MFA, the Boston chapter of Fashion Group International, and finally local publications such as the Improper Bostonian always have shopping events and networking opportunities.”

Nicole’s advice made me realize that as a student, one of the best ways to show your interest in this particular field is to show up at events and meet people. Networking is extremely important, even in college.  Nicole mentioned that you should “Network as much as possible and make it your mission to meet as many people as you can.” A lot of students don’t realize that knowing people in your desired industry can translate to your next job offer.

Boston Fashion Week

Nicole explained to me that working on Boston Fashion Week is amazingly fun, but also extremely hectic.  Among her duties, she has to make sure the photographers and press get into all of their events while also creating content and writing stories about the week.  Nicole’s comments on BFW made me realize that although working with clients can be enjoyable, it can also be tiring.  Nicole helped me realize that in public relations, it’s important to be on top of your work.  Otherwise, you may have trouble succeeding for your clients.

An Important Tip About Public Relations

One of the most important things Nicole told me was that for any kind of PR, you have to “find the part of the clients’ story that most inspires you and that you’re most passionate about. When you’re representing someone and sharing the intimate details of their business, it has to come from your heart.

Nicole’s agency name best display’s this ideal.  If you put all of your heart into your client’s business, you’ll want to see them succeed.  PR professionals can’t do their job well unless they believe in the brand their representing.

Whether your interested in fashion or something else entirely, Nicole’s tips can certainly help as you progress in the public relations field.  I know that personally, I’ve taken Nicole’s advice to heart.

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