Professor Quigley Named PRSA 2011 Educator of the Year

At a PRSA luncheon in Orlando this past Monday afternoon, our very own Professor Quigley was honored with the 2011 Outstanding Educator of the Year Award.  This award honors a PRSA member who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of public relations education through college or university teaching.

Whether you’re an eager-eyed freshman or a now successful alumni, chances are, you’ve seen the passion and dedication Professor Quigley has for his students both inside and outside the classroom.

Here’s what some PRSSA members had to say about Professor Quigley and the 2011 Outstanding Educator of the Year Award:

  • Becky Loya: Professor Quigley has been a great sounding board for the past two years I’ve been on E-board for our chapter. If I’m ever unsure about a decision, I know that he’ll always be there ready to help. He’s been with our chapter for 11 years and has been dedicated to helping us each step of the way.
  • Maurice Rahmey: Although I still haven’t had the opportunity to take a class with Professor Quigley, I’ve learned so much just from stopping by his office to chat.  What I think makes Professor Quigley so great is that he’s understanding and open-minded about what interests students.  Even though I’m not a PR major, Prof. Quigley has always been there to help me with any questions I had.  He’s an amazing resource to have and BU’s PRSSA chapter is lucky to have him as their advisor.
  • Ginny Soskey: Professor Quigley has inspired me more than he knows. He’s one of the few people that I’ve met where their passion is contagious: students who talk to him are somehow suddenly more passionate and engaged than they have ever been about their future. He inspires me to get excited about something and to take chances to engage others in my passion. Instead of preaching about authenticity, he teaches through his example. He is always there for guidance, support and a kind word. I am blessed to have had him as a professor, advisor and mentor.
  • Lauren Weil: Professor Quigley is an amazing educator, encourager and motivator. He is always been there to support students and offer words of wisdom. He is extremely approachable, and eager to get to know students. When asked a question, he always has valuable input and suggestions. Everything he says is genuine and memorable. His dedication to Boston University and PRSSA is inspiring. He believes in his students, and gives them the skills and confidence to help them believe in themselves.
  • Miles Branman: Professor Quigley is the reason I’ve been inspired by public relations and business. He used his extensive network to find me connections in New York. He showed me the value of new media and branding. He has always been eager to offer advice and ask the tough questions. To say Professor Quigley has made an impression on me is severely understated. No other professor at BU takes the time to engage with their students like he does. Years down the road when I think about my education at BU, it won’t be a class or event that I remember, it will be this educator who put my interests and needs before his own every time.
  • Megan Tucker: Professor Quigley is an invaluable resource to students. His enthusiasm for PR is contagious and he is always willing to help students out with whatever they need, whether it be clarification in school work or a recommendation for a job. He constantly inspires me as well as other students to go after our dream job and helps us get there.
  • Mel Murray: Professor Quigley is one of the most genuine, inspiring, and humble educators that I have ever known. His passion resonates into the lives of his students. He has encouraged me to push forward with my interests and to think in different ways. Professor Quigley truly takes the time to engage with his students which helps them develop the confidence to enter the professional world. He challenges me, inspires me, and guides me with his wisdom, and I am so lucky to have him as a mentor.
Professor Quigley, on behalf of all the students who shared their opinion here and the one’s who only had the chance to read this post, I’d like to say Thank You.  You’ve been an inspiration to us all and you’ll be an inspiration for the hundreds of future PR students waiting to eagerly make their way through BU’s College of Communication.

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