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  1. My reaction to the “stick to industry-related content” is the same as @jfuncannon, but I understand your advice about the importance of creating a personal brand that will be very appealing to employers.

  2. Well than, I completely agree with you! I think too many companies are very bland when they are trying to promote their product and/or business. I think it’s a great thing to see when a company really gets a handle on how to integrate their personalities and has fun with it!

  3. I agree with you that there should be a balance of being professional, networking, and having fun, however, I think your personality can still shine through when discussing your opinion or view of industry-related things like digital media tips or your new favorite blog. The ideal combination I am trying to advise is personality, professionalism, and knowledge to create a personal brand that will be very appealing to employers.

  4. I would have to say that I disagree with the comment about tweeting only industry-related content. Personally, I find that may be a bit more “robotic” and fake. I am very professional with my Twitter account so obviously I watch what I say, but I also like to network and have fun with it. I think that you should let your personality shine through all the while staying professional and respectable.

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