How Inbound Marketing Relates to Public Relations

Last week, BUPRSSA heard from Marta Kagan, an inbound marketer and Director of Brand & Buzz at software company Hubspot.  So what is inbound marketing and how does it related to PR?

Inbound marketing is a different type of marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by your customers, rather than forcing the information on an audience. The term, coined by HubSpot, was developed as a response to recent changes in consumer behavior.

Because consumers are no longer passive recipients when it comes to marketing messages, inbound marketing targets the specific audience that is already interested in your products or services. This strategy is very innovative and logical because it allows for the brands to be incorporated into the consumers’ lives rather than being implemented.

As a result of this relatively new tactic, the PR industry is experiencing extremely constructive changes. Inbound marketing gives PR agencies more tools to do well. PR agencies are now able to expand their available services, build stronger networks, and most importantly, monitor their results. Inbound marketing makes everything highly measurable. By monitoring the numbers, PR agencies can target their audiences and leave better impressions compared to the uncontrollable results of traditional marketing strategies.

Some advice that HubSpot offers as how to begin with inbound marketing is to set up a “hub.” There are people who are already learning and shopping within your industry. A central place to find all of your information is essential to the success of inbound marketing. Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing are all key to the broader sense of inbound marketing. By creating a “hub,” you can attract your visitors and potential consumers.

In short, inbound marketing incorporates all of your marketing methods and channels to develop a strong online presence. A strong online presence, in turn, gives more power to your brand.

To be successful with inbound marketing, PR agencies must be committed to participating in social media. There is so much room for success as there is a high demand and future within this concept. The demand for inbound marketing will only increase, and will continue to help build strong and stable business models.

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