5 Ways To Stand Out as a PR Student

As PR students, it is difficult to distinguish ourselves from the millions of aspiring PR pros throughout the country. However, there are little common changes you can make to differentiate yourself from every other communications student reaching towards your same goal.

Here are five tips to stand out as a PR student:

  1. Do your homework. In college, this means do all your readings for your classes and study hard. Make sure you understand the material and are familiar enough with it to participate in class. In your professional life, this means do your research. If you are interested in a job, research it beforehand. Check the company’s website for their mission and statistics on their business. Make yourself stand out simply by being prepared for an interview and knowing detailed important facts.
  2. Be prepared. You should always be ready for anything that comes your way; whether a teacher asks you a question in class or  a future PR employer asks you what you know about their clients, be ready! Both teachers and employers want you to be knowledgable and comfortable speaking in front of others. Preparation is key in anything you do, but particularly important in your professional life.
  3. Have a good online image. The majority of college students today are hooked on multiple social media devices like Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that you use these sites to your advantage.  Instead of posting inappropriate content, share relevant links, show you have an opinion, and be a thought leader in your major.
  4. Be a captain. Take matters into your own hands. In college if you want a good grade, you have to take charge and study, meet with your professors, and take advantage of every opportunity presented to you. This is the same within the professional world. The more experience and opportunities you have the more successful you will be. Be a leader and get yourself out there.
  5. Get creative. If you want an A on a project, you need to make it stand out. Find unique directions to get the same result. Be open to suggesting wild and crazy ideas that are relevant to the project. Basically, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

These 5 simple tips will separate you from the typical college student and make you a dedicated and knowledgeable future employee. Every college student hates chores and being told what to do but these “chores” will benefit you in multiple ways that you will not regret.

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