Tech PR, Writing, and Escaping the “COM Bubble”

The following post was written by Megan Tucker.

This past week, BUPRSSA hosted a Tech PR panel with representatives from a number of organizations:

All three panelists were able to speak passionately about their careers and may have even convinced a few PRSSA members to consider pursuing tech PR.

Melanie Ensign offered great advice to students as they decide their career path recommending that they follow and understand what they’re really interested in.  “Step outside of the COM bubble and get to know other disciplines; I would not put a limit on where you get your information from.”

For those interested in tech, that may mean checking out what’s going on in the engineering school or attending events at MIT.  According to Ensign, “If you interested in technology, read and evaluate what kinds of technology you’re interested in; investigate and see what PR agencies are working with them.”   Being proactive and staying up to date is key in pursuing tech PR.

There was also one key lesson each panelist stressed: writing.  Meredith Eaton mentioned that in her experience, “writing transcends any kind of PR.”  Good writing helps show that you fully understand your client and their needs.

From escaping the “COM bubble” to writing tips, BUPRSSA members who attended the tech panel this past Thursday definitely learned a lot more than just the in’s and out’s of public relations in a sophisticated industry.

Check out Meredith Eaton’s recap on the March Communications blog, PR Nonsense, here.

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