5 Lessons on Branding from Lady GaGa

Personal Branding: Mother Monster Style

Most of us look at celebrities and see fame, fortune, and talent, but what about their branding? With over 14 million sales on just one album, and over 14% of the United States population “liking” her on Facebook, Lady GaGa is obviously no slouch in the marketing department either.

Here are five lessons we could learn from Lady Gaga about branding:

  1. Have a unique vision: GaGa is different, but not too weird that we don’t completely understand her. She manages to fit in with pop music and pop culture, but still stands out enough that she is easily distinguishable from the Britney’s and the Christina’s of the industry.
  2. You have to spend money to make money: Lady GaGa admitted to being left £1.82million in debt after the Monster Ball Tour, which ran for 18 months. What we can take away from this the simple message is to “sweat the small stuff.” GaGa’s attention to detail is key, and she knows that you have to spend money on your packaging to make the revenue pour in. Fans, or in the corporate case, the consumers, are not attracted by dull content.
  3. Deliver the unexpected: You should build your platform on something defendable yet marketable. GaGa is slightly controversial because she never fails to show up dressed like a guy at the VMAs, or in a meat dress, or something that shocks us. This is pure gold PR. When something is so unique, the gossip mill turns. By doing this, you’re getting her name out there even more.
  4. Know who’s your audience: People are confused and often turned off by what they can’t understand, but GaGa has her name out there with a simple image attached. She prides herself on real issues such as bullying and homosexuality, which makes her real. Not only does she just concern the pop world, but the fashion world, PETA, the gay/lesbian alliance, and many other organizations. Therefore, we can learn to not just market to one person, group, etc. It’s important to branch out.
  5. Packaging sells: Have you ever really thought about what you know about Lady Gaga? Drawing a blank? That’s probably because we don’t know a whole lot about her except for the fact that her real name is Stefani Germanotta. Lady GaGa markets herself in such a way that we only think about her persona.  For example, we’re awed by her music videos and meat dress, not the woman behind the music.

GaGa is an amazing marketer because she believes in her brand. She talks about her struggles and angst, her beauty and pain. GaGa acknowledges others, just as companies should appreciate their consumers, fans, and supporters.

We all have a little GaGa in us.  We just have to figure out how to exploit it.

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