5 More Ways BUPRSSA Helps You

Yesterday we posted 5 Career boosting reasons to join BUPRSSA.  Today we wanted toshare with you 5 more ways the organization can help you.
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  1. Ginny (President): An all-encompassing PR Experience. PRSSA can help you get a foot in the door in whatever industry you are interested in. By joining our student-run PR Agency, Unleashed PR, or our conference committee, PR Advanced, you can discover what you love to do or fine-tune your existing skills. We are always looking to have more people get involved!
  2. Kaitlin (VP of Unleashed PR Agency): Learn about PR before even taking a class. BU PRSSA fell into my lap last fall, when I knew absolutely nothing about public relations, but decided to give it a shot regardless.  Since then, I have been offered many opportunities to exercise my PR skills, including helping to promote underground rap artist Hasan Salaam.  Even before my official classroom education of PR has begun, I’ve had incredible experiences and gained wonderful insight into the public relations.
  3. Maurice (Social Media Manager): Become more motivated. One of the best things about being in PRSSA is that so many people in the organization want to bring their “A-game” to everything they do.  When I started in BUPRSSA, I was just a shy freshman, but through the push of a few seniors I got more involved, attended events throughout Boston, and worked on starting my own projects.  Hanging out with these motivated people made me more motivated as a result.
  4. Becky (Treasurer): Networking Opportunities with Students. PRSSA is a great opportunity to network with older PR students at BU. Those students then become alumni with great jobs and can be connections for internships/jobs! Even knowing others your own age that will also be entering the industry will be helpful during the rest of your career.
  5. Mel (Regional Conference Coordinator): Learn about different fields in PR. PRSSA gives great insight on the different aspects and perspectives of the PR world, which helps you decide what branch of PR is best for you.  By listening and interacting with our amazing speakers, as well as hearing the interests and opinions of the other group members, PRSSA will give you a unique experience to help you decide what you want to be doing in the future.
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