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The PR Advanced: Brand Yourself conference was a huge success! Guest blogger and PRSSA member Abhishek Seth wrote about what he learned during the day:

Social Media and Its Great Role in 21st Century Branding

The Internet makes it easier and easier for branding each year. Whether it is branding for multinational corporations, or just aspiring careerists in their twenties (and above), the Internet—namely through the ubiquitous Facebook, Twitter and Blogger—can help future employers, as well as customers, associate the quality to the brand.

These opportunities—and how PR practitioners and other professionals can make use of these assets—were explored last weekend, in an all-day “Brand Yourself Conference,” a regional event generously sponsored by Boston University’s PRSSA Chapter.

From the Boston Red Sox, to the Whole Foods Market, twelve disparate organizations and their branding pundits discussed their hopeful opinions, preferences and recommendations on taking advantage of the ever-present, early 21st century windfall: Social Media.

Commencing the seminar, the author of the best-selling career advice book “Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success” Penelope Trunk gave the following suggestions on career security and brand management:

( 1 ) “Stick with it… It’s about getting up every day and doing one thing [for your brand].”

( 2 ) Career management does not make you happy—optimism does.

( 3 ) “Nobody controls what experience you can get… Your résumé is ‘Here’s why I’m a rock star.’ So make a project for yourself, and execute it.”

( 4 ) “Nobody knows their goals… [So] just try stuff.”

( 5 ) “Be known for your ideas [by way of Social Media].”

Keynote speaker, the director of brand management and advertising for JetBlue Fiona Morrisson shared her take on brands.

“A brand these days has to be personal because it is fundamentally about emotion… a brand is about creating emotional connections with people.”

In a personal interview after the event, the BU PRSSA Academic Advisor Professor Stephen Quigley summed up the symposium.

“[Brands] start with what’s genuinely in your DNA, and grow out of that… [the game] is to try to uncover the essence of your DNA, to celebrate the hell out of it, and to be true to it… [Once these brands are formed they] have to stay fresh…they can’t get stale…they have to constantly learn, and listen, and grow.”

Contact:, @abeseth

Many other attendees also blogged about the conference. Here is a list of links to some of their posts:

To see even more photos from the event, visit the conference website.

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