An Interview with Suzanne Wenz of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

Becky Steinberg, PRSSA’s Professional Outreach Coordinator, recently sat down with Suzanne Wenz, the regional director of public relations for the Northeast U.S. and Bermuda at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.

I sat with Suzanne Wenz, regional director of public relations, Northeast U.S. and Bermuda at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, in the grand lobby of the Copley Fairmont on two overstuffed couches discussing hotel and resort PR.

One of the many unique opportunities hotel PR offers is interaction with other branches at the hotel: the HR department, consierge, restaurant, retail shops and executive offices. The diversity of the job is one of Ms. Wenz’s favorite aspects. In addition to promoting the packages the Fairmont Copley offers clients, Ms. Wenz must stay updated on events in the Oak Room, Fairmont Copley’s restaurant, named ‘Best Steakhouse’ by Boston Magazine. In addition to involvement with a variety of departments in the hotel, Ms. Wenz holds a variety of responsibility from relations with the media to the community. As a result, her interns garner a wide scope of PR experience, which is a great necessity when deciding in which are you’re most interested.

As talk turned to internships, Ms. Wenz generously offered tips and advice for PR students…

Be curious. Ms. Wenz appreciates interns who want to understand backgrounders and see the bigger picture. To really understand the strategy behind any assignment, she encourages interns to ask questions.

Take initiative. Go above and beyond every assignment and look for ways to improve it. Determine how one project fits into the bigger picture and in what ways you can add value.

Expect to work hard. At the Copley Fairmont, interns are expected to create media lists, write press material and assist with events. It is important to remember that no assignment is too small and everything must be completed flawlessly.

Be open to many different experiences. Ms. Wenz noted that journalism internships are great for developing writing skills, which are invaluable at any PR position. At Fairmont Copley Ms. Wenz writes press and promotional material as well as the occasional radio ad, and looks for interns who can assist in this process.

Above all, Ms. Wenz advises to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to know what area of PR is best for you.


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