PRSSA Comments – Peter Shankman, PRSA Luncheon

A couple of our PRSSA members went to the Peter Shankman PRSA luncheon on October 14th, and attendee Alexandra Vaccarino sent her feedback on the event. I hope that many members have the opportunity to attend a PRSA event in the future!


“I attended the PRSA luncheon on October 14th as a volunteer for BUPRSSA, at first helping assemble and distribute nametags to ensure that guests were assisted. I was then able to meet many interesting people in the communications industry, but the real highlight of the day came when I was able to sit in on the conference and listen to Peter Shankman’s speech. He delivered his message in a conversational manner and kept my interest with upbeat humor and useful insights about social technology and its relevance in the public relations industry today. Overall, the experience was enjoyable and educational.”


If you have comments on any events you attend (PRSSA/PRSA or just PR related), please email them to 🙂

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