Resume Workshop – Thursday, October 29

This Thursday we will be holding a Resume Workshop during our weekly meeting. Professor Jo O’Connor will be speaking and sharing her experience and knowledge on what makes the best resume. Most internship deadlines are approaching and this is a great opportunity to gain insight on your resume from a professional before you send it out.


Don’t forget to bring your resumes!


Professor Jo O’Connor’s Bio:

Professor O’Connor was formerly the Director of Public Relations at the Boston Garden and the FleetCenter, handling all the media details of the arenas’ closing and opening ceremonies, respectively.


She then became the Director of Advertising, Special Events & Publicity for the Boston Celtics, creating and executing the events of the team’s 50th anniversary yearlong celebration. After which, she became the Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Wang Center for the Performing Arts for both the Wang and the Shubert theatres. Following that, she was named the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for WZLX-FM in Boston.


Professor O’Connor continues to do outside public relations and human resources consultancy and is also a media agent. Her areas of expertise are media relations, special events management, community relations and organizational communication.

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