Frugal Yankee Fall Internship Position

The Frugal Yankee espouses the New England traditions of enjoying life and spending less. Thrifty and savvy, the Frugal Yankee is a bi-weekly Boston based radio show, a weekly New England Cable News segment, a burgeoning web site, a strong Twitter presence as well as other traditional and emerging venues.

Over it’s seven year history, the Frugal Yankee has established strong relations with various media outlets including the Boston Globe, NH Public Radio and others. Now a focused intern is needed can take charge of expanding these relations and forging new ones. Writing press releases, enhancing direct contacts, interacting with media outlets and raising awareness is the goal. It is a position limited only by the applicants ambition.

Good writing and editing skills
Working knowledge of social media.
Interest in media and communication
4-10 hours a week available

Work will be conducted in applicant’s location, with weekly phone and email contact with the co-producers/co-hosts. Monthly, or more, strategy meetings may be required.

Contact: Include a sample of your writing, preferably a press release or short article – a student project is fine.

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