E-Board Positions Up for ReElection

The Duties and Obligations of Boston University’s PRSSA Executive Board Members:

All Positions

  • ·      Attend weekly BU PRSSA meetings
  • ·      Attend weekly E-Board meetings
  • ·      Network at various professional events on behalf of BU PRSSA
  • ·      Speaker outreach


  • ·      Must be a former board member to apply
  • ·      Serves as the principal administrative office and coordinator of the Executive Board
  • ·      Must develop and implement a strategic plan for the chapter building on the plans created by previous boards
  • ·      Advise and instruct members on the policies and procedures of the society
  • ·      Organize agenda and preside over meetings
  • ·      Delegate responsibilities of officers and committees, and overall operations of chapter
  • ·      Maintain communication with the chapter on a weekly basis
  • ·      Be dedicated to serving the needs of the members and the preservation and success of the chapter as a whole
  • ·      Manage PRSSA e-mail account and respond to inquiries
  • ·      Plan to attend PRSSA Nationals – President Trip Paid

 Executive Vice President – FULL YEAR POSITION

  • ·      Organize monthly agency tours within Boston (and New York, if possible)
  • ·      Be informed of, disseminate information about, and encourage participation in National and Regional Events
  • ·      Must assist the president in coordinating and directing committee activities and chapter operations and perform duties of chapter president if president is absent
  • ·      Work with the VP of Public Relations to publicize chapter events
  • ·      Identify and fulfill programming needs of general membership
  • ·      Announce PRSSA scholarship opportunities and BU PRSSA Scholarship Award 


  • ·      Be responsible for recording of minutes at all executive board meetings, general membership meetings and handle the appropriate distribution of these minutes
  • ·      Manage regular meeting sign in
  • ·      Update PRSSA Graduate Directory
  • ·      Be responsible for preparing and presenting framed Thank You certificates to speakers
  • ·      Responsible for updating and maintaining chapter collateral materials
  • ·      In charge of room reservations for all meetings and events

 Vice President of Finances (Treasurer): FULL YEAR POSITION

  • ·      Collect chapter and national dues and forward national dues to PRSSA headquarters
  • ·      Keep record of Chapter Members contact information – Official List
  • ·      Provide financial reports periodically to chapter membership.
  • ·      Work with the chapter president in preparing the annual budget and be responsible for approving allocation of resources
  • ·      Be responsible for obtaining purchase orders through SAO
  • ·      Be responsible for identifying fundraising needs, as well as developing and implementing fundraising programs
  • ·      Attend Town Hall meetings at SAO and support any AB Funding requests and SAO Professional Advisor

Vice President of PRSSAgency:

  • ·      Be responsible for maintaining internal and external public relations
  • ·      Act as the coordinator of PRSSAgency, develop a mission for the student run firm and plan for its growth
  • ·      Act as the contact person for clients and account managers
  • ·      Appoint Account Coordinators for all clients
  • ·      Create contracts for clients
  • ·      Hold monthly Agency meetings to update clients and the Chapter
  • ·      Be responsible for any media relations relating to the chapter

 Professional Outreach Coordinator:

  • ·      Communicate between PRSA, BWC, PubClub and various Professional Chapters in Boston
  • ·      Communicate PRSA events to the general membership and be aware of financial support available to participants
  • ·      Be able to attend PRSA Boston events regularly, and recruit members to attend
  • ·      Be responsible for networking with PRSA members and securing speakers for meetings
  • ·      Provide significant support to the Advanced Conference Event Planning Committee whenever necessary, specifically in:
  • o    Non-BU PRSSA chapter recruitment and participation
  • o   Professional/Speaker recruitment and participation

Social Media Coordinator:

  • ·      Update BU PRSSA Blog daily
  • ·      Maintain Facebook, TWITTER and alum outreach
  • ·      Keep chapter up to date with new social media opportunities

Social Chair:

  • ·      Recruit a social committee where necessary
  • ·      Lead the committee to plan the Holiday and End-of- Year parties, and any other appropriate social meetings or events.
  • ·      Organize Mentorship Program
  • ·      Plan fundraising events for Chapter programs

Advanced Conference Event Coordinator – FULL YEAR POSITION

  • ·      Must be a past member of the PR Advanced Committee (at least one semester)
  • ·      Work with any fellow event coordinators from outside of BU
  • ·      Plan the Advanced Conference
  • ·      Manage and oversee all Advanced Conference Planning Committee activities

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