E-Board Elections: Thursday, December 11th @ 5 p.m. in Z-Square

Just a quick reminder on the upcoming election, Thursday, December 11th at 5 p.m. It will be held during our holiday party at Z Square. Elections for the following positions are open: Treasurer and PRSA Liaison. Descriptions of both positions are below. I encourage you all to consider running, there is no limit to experience or years in PRSSA! Both positions will provide you with great experience within PRSSA planning weekly meetings, future events and networking with speakers and professionals.

To Apply: Send your name, email, grad year and a 2 minute informal speech on why you want this position, your qualifications and what you plan for the spring semester.

Treasurer – gather membership dues from Spring semester members- prepare short presentation for member dues collection – review budget- be sure all financial transactions are appropriate- work closely with SAO and the AB office- attend all weekly e-board meetings

PRSA Liaison – contact PRSA for upcoming events- research events in Boston and other cities for possible conferences- attend at least 2 PRSA events over the semester- Work closely with PR:Advanced Coordinator for the Conference- research networking opportunities for the Chapter – attend all weekly e-board meetings

Please send your information to buprssa@gmail.com by Tuesday, December 9th @ 9 p.m. We look forward for two of our members to join the e-board! Also, we look forward to seeing you all at the PRSSA Holiday party at Z-Square, food and drinks will be paid for by BU PRSSA and there will be a raffle with some great gifts!! Hope you can all come by!!


1 thought on “E-Board Elections: Thursday, December 11th @ 5 p.m. in Z-Square

  1. Hey PRSSA it’s Danielle Freiberg here and I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and hope everyone has a good break. I couldn’t make it to the meeting because I am swamped working on two papers due tomorrow. I hope the party was fun and I look forward to seeing you all again after the break 🙂 have a good one.Best,Danielle Freiberg


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