Poetry Slam Success!

The Z Square agency team pulled of an AMAZING grand opening! Great turnout, delicious food and awesome performances. Take a look…

This is Allison M. Francis, a sophomore at BU and an amazing singer/guitar/harmonica player. She started off the evening with some original tunes and played some sets in between poetry performances.

The young lady in the stripes is Jessica Kontchou, a slam poetry performer. Jessica was the first to perform and mixed it up with love and empowering pieces.

The young lady in the blue sweater is Gabriella Williams (below), also a slam poetry performer. She even wove in some singing into one of her pieces.

Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of Gabe Sherman, but it was his first reading and he did an awesome job as well!

Lastly, the gentalman pictured below is Andrew Jerrel Jones, the WINNER of the $50 Z Square gift card. It was a close CLOSE vote (the Z team needed 2 tie-breakers to determine the winner) so congratulations to all!

According to Melanie, Z account AD, the team plans to organize another event after Thanksgiving break.

We can’t wait 🙂


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  1. thank you to everyone who came and supported us!!! :]


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