1st Z Square Agency Meeting Tomorrow!

So I walked to Z today to get my usual Tuesday-2pm-fix of free coffee to find a line out the door (yes, literally)! It looks like the Z Agency Team has their work cut out for them…

The 1st meeting for the Z Account Team will be tomorrow, 3:30PM at Z Square! Melanie, the AD, is really excited as is the e-board! If you want to check it out without committing to Agency yet, e-mail her and let her know (melaniew89@gmail.com). Or if you’re on another team and are looking to get extra involved, do the same. Good luck, team!

To learn more about Z Square free coffee cards e-mail buprssa@gmail.com with “Z Free Coffee” in the subject line.

More Agency updates to follow…


2 thoughts on “1st Z Square Agency Meeting Tomorrow!

  1. thanks mands!Sorry I couldn’t include that in the post–I got the e-mail just after I posted…next time!


  2. Just wanted to mention that there is a Please Dress Me account meeting tomorrow as well! We’re meeting at 4 pm in the GSU Backcourt!


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