We are a student-run agency with real campaigns, clients and results. Agency offers a a taste of agency life, the opportunity to build your resume and a chance to network.

Quick note: For those of you who did attend today’s meeting, please see the very bottom of this post.

PRSSAgency Overview…

Z Square
-Restaurant/Bar/Cafe across from SMG, at the Blandford T-stop
-This team will focus on community building
-BU students’ website for….rating internships
-This team will focus on event planning and branding
-BU student’s t-shirt aggregating web-site
-This team will focus on viral marketing and new media strategy

Positions Available:
Account Director (AD)
-Leadership position
-For more experienced members
-Requires a larger commitment
-2 ADs on each account

Account Executive (AE)
-Many AEs on each account
-You are the essence of Agency!
-This position allows you to develop your skill set whether it’s writing, designing or video editing

Time Commitment:
Initial meeting with client
-To introduce the challenges and opportunity of the account
-To motivate and inspire the whole team

Weekly meetings with your team
-To establish strategy, goals and tactics
-To brainstorm
-To delegate weekly assignments

Bi-weekly “Staff Meetings”
-New to PRSSAgency!
-To help other teams
-To test ideas
-To get inspired

To Apply…
For AD Position
-E-mail your resume (if you don’t have one, type up your qualifications) and send to me ( Please include a blurb about why you want this position and list the clients in preference order.

For AE Position
-E-mail me ( that you’re interested. I’ll send you a short survey to complete and return.

Please apply asap. Your client is eager and waiting!!

Questions? Don’t be shy! Feel free to e-mail me(!

Quick Note: For those who did attend today’s meeting, what did you think of the presentation? Boring? Not informative enough? The best presentation you’ve ever witnessed? Your feedback would be much appreciated 😉


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  1. Chelsea.Alexander October 1, 2008 — 3:43 PM

    See you at the Z Square FUNDRAISER!


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