We are a student-run agency with real campaigns, clients and results. Agency offers a a taste of agency life, the opportunity to build your resume and a chance to network.

Quick note: For those of you who did attend today’s meeting, please see the very bottom of this post.

PRSSAgency Overview…

Z Square
-Restaurant/Bar/Cafe across from SMG, at the Blandford T-stop
-This team will focus on community building
-BU students’ website for….rating internships
-This team will focus on event planning and branding
-BU student’s t-shirt aggregating web-site
-This team will focus on viral marketing and new media strategy

Positions Available:
Account Director (AD)
-Leadership position
-For more experienced members
-Requires a larger commitment
-2 ADs on each account

Account Executive (AE)
-Many AEs on each account
-You are the essence of Agency!
-This position allows you to develop your skill set whether it’s writing, designing or video editing

Time Commitment:
Initial meeting with client
-To introduce the challenges and opportunity of the account
-To motivate and inspire the whole team

Weekly meetings with your team
-To establish strategy, goals and tactics
-To brainstorm
-To delegate weekly assignments

Bi-weekly “Staff Meetings”
-New to PRSSAgency!
-To help other teams
-To test ideas
-To get inspired

To Apply…
For AD Position
-E-mail your resume (if you don’t have one, type up your qualifications) and send to me ( Please include a blurb about why you want this position and list the clients in preference order.

For AE Position
-E-mail me ( that you’re interested. I’ll send you a short survey to complete and return.

Please apply asap. Your client is eager and waiting!!

Questions? Don’t be shy! Feel free to e-mail me(!

Quick Note: For those who did attend today’s meeting, what did you think of the presentation? Boring? Not informative enough? The best presentation you’ve ever witnessed? Your feedback would be much appreciated πŸ˜‰


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  1. Chelsea.Alexander

    See you at the Z Square FUNDRAISER!

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