What do you stand for?

(L to R: Alex Karadimas, PRSSA president, Carol Cone, founder of Cone Inc., Casey Brennan, Insights Coordinator at Cone) Carol Cone’s presentation yesterday evening was the best I’ve seen in my 3 years with PRSSA. Best is vague. What I mean here is inspiring and engaging. It’s not everyday “The Mother of Cause Marketing” generously passes her wisdom’s on to a crowd of communications students. The take home message was: demand more from companies you buy from by asking “What do you stand for?” Technically speaking, her presentation was flawless from the video clips to the attractive slides to the interesting insights. My oral presentation professor would have cried. Worthwhile periodicals Carol mentioned: Good Magazine (goodinc.com/about) and The Holmes Report (holmesreport.com). Check out the Cone Inc. blog (www.doyoustandforsomething.com) or the Cone website (www.coninc.com) to learn more about cause marketing.

[side note to readers: What did you think of the presentation? Let us know!]

Pictured here are Christen Wong, PRSSA Secretary, and Casey Brennan, Insights Coordinator at Cone.

And here (L to R): Emilie O’Toole, PRSSA Treasurer, Lauren Papp, dedicated and beloved PRSSA member, Heather Papsun, PR Advanced Coordinator, Christen Wong, PRSSA secretary, Casey Brennan, Insights Coordinator at Cone, Alex Karadimas, PRSSA President.


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  1. Great presentation. It really inspired me!


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