Hello Summer!!

Hi Everyone!!

I am sure we are all excited to enjoy and relax for the next three months! Again, I wanted to THANK YOU all for a great semester!! The e-board is excited and ready for the Fall! I am sure many of you are doing exciting things this summer and I just wanted to give you some ideas on how to get the most out of your internship or summer jobs!! Here are some thoughts…

– Ask questions!! If you don’t feel you are being given enough work or want to know more about your projects don’t hesitate to ask! Your eagerness and interest will help you stand out!

– Ask to make copies of all the work you have contributed to. These will come in handy in the Fall when we start putting together our portfolio’s. Items like: press releases, significant e-mails, product or service material… anything that you are proud of!!!

– Thank you cards are a great way to leave a lasting impression! You don’t need anything fancy either.

– Be sure to keep all the contact information of your employers! After your internship building a long-term relationship is key! You never know when you may need advice or help looking for a job!

Most importantly… ENJOY THE SUMMER!! If you have any questions about ANYTHING feel free to email BUPRSSA@gmail.com! We wish you a happy summer!

Best Wishes,

2008 E-Board

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